Housing Inspection & Landlord Licensing

Woodbury Housing Department is responsible for the enforcement of the New Jersey State Housing Code as well as other codes and regulations of the City of Woodbury.

These codes apply to all existing residential and commercial buildings and establish certain minimum standards and requirements for the purpose of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the people.

These various codes are related to water supply, plumbing facilities, lighting, electricity, ventilation, heating, egress, and general maintenance of buildings.

All residential units must be inspected by the Housing Department and a Certificate of Occupancy issued prior to:

  • A change in occupancy for a rental unit
  • The sale of a residential unit (both rental and owner-occupied)

All residential rental units are required to submit the Landlord Registration Form and the Landlord Licensing Form. The Landlord Registration Form must be submitted with each change of occupancy inspection. The Landlord Registration Form must be submitted at any change of ownership.


Please set your schedule accordingly - the initial inspection allows ten business days for scheduling an appointment. Inspections can be scheduled Monday through Thursday. Payment needs to be received to schedule the inspection.

Re-inspection allows at least five business days:

  • Initial Inspection fee: $100 per unit
  • Follow up to initial inspection: $50 per unit, each

To Schedule an Inspection You Must Submit

For Sales

Application for a Certificate of Occupancy Inspection (PDF) plus an initial fee.

For Rentals

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