City Clerk

The position of City Clerk is a statutory one and is said to be the heart of the municipal operation. By virtue of her position, the City Clerk serves as the liaison between Elected Officials and the City's Residents. The Clerk serves as Secretary to the City Council, Secretary to the Municipal Corporation, and Custodian of the Municipal Seal. In this capacity, she prepares the minutes for all City Council meetings, processes, records, and files ordinances and resolutions, and arranges for legal advertising of ordinances as well as codification of newly adopted ordinances. She serves as the Administrative Officer responsible for the acceptance of applications for licenses and permits and the issuance of pet, liquor, yard sale, and raffle/bingo licenses and permits. The City Clerk serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Registrar of Voters in all elections held in the City of Woodbury, subject to Title 19 of the Revised Statutes. As the City's election official, she accepts petitions for vacancies in local elected offices, furnishes materials for local elections, selects polling areas, and calculates and maintains custody of election results. As the Custodian of Records, The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining all contracts, deeds, and other official documents; and for the implementation of local archives and records retention programs as mandated by the NJ. Department of Revenue Enterprise Services (DRES). She is solely responsible for the acceptance and fulfillment of all requests for public records (OPRA).