Tax Assessor

The Gloucester County Tax Assessor

The Gloucester County Tax Assessor is responsible for valuing all properties within the County of Gloucester for the purpose of local taxation. In determining assessments, the assessor uses recognized appraisal methods, including the Cost, Income, and Sales Comparison approaches to value. It is important that each assessment is accurate and consistent thereby ensuring that each property owner pays only their fair share of the total tax burden.

The Assessor must be certified by the state, and periodically recertified through continuing education.

Duties of the Tax Assessor include:

  • Inspect and assess all new construction and improvements
  • Calculate and track 5-year tax abatements for property improvements
  • Review deeds and other property documents, and update ownership records
  • Approve or disallow tax deductions for Senior Citizens and Veterans
  • Approve or disallow exemptions for tax-exempt properties, including churches, schools, government buildings, and disabled veterans.
  • Conduct sales ratio studies and analyses for the purpose of county tax equalization
  • Coordinate and approve city-wide reassessments when needed
  • Defend tax appeals