Guidelines for New Businesses

A historic community founded in 1683, Woodbury epitomizes the charm, beauty, and hospitality of the small city. As the county seat of Gloucester County, recently designated the fastest growing county in New Jersey, Woodbury is home to Underwood-Memorial Hospital, the offices and courts of the County of Gloucester, and the Gloucester County Times Newspaper. There are numerous law offices, financial institutions, medical practices, restaurants, and a wide range of service and retail stores located throughout the City. Woodbury's rich history and diversity are embodied by the many civic and community organizations that create an environment where families and businesses thrive.

Woodbury is conveniently located near Interstate 295 and three State highways (Routes 45, 47, and 55), and minutes from major bridges connecting New Jersey to the Pennsylvania-Delaware marketplace. Woodbury and its surrounding communities constitute a population base of over 80,000 persons. We encourage you to consider Woodbury as the site for your business.

When opening a new business, the business owner or agent should contact the Code Enforcement Office, City of Woodbury, 33 Delaware Street, 856-845-1300, ext. 127.

You always need Zoning Verification (PDF) but do not always need construction permits. If construction permits are needed, you will not be issued the required local mercantile and/or local Board of Health licenses until your construction permits have been finalized.

Guidelines For New Businesses Infographic

There are assorted procedures and applications for opening a business, as follows:

Application for Zoning Verification

Always required- there is a $20 fee. To make sure that the district is zoned for the type of business you want to open:

Application for a Commercial Certificate of Occupancy

If applicable:

Fire Registration Form & Inspection


Always required:

  • The fee for registration varies based on the size of the building and usage - there is no fee for the inspection
  • The Certificate of Fire Code Status (PDF) is available from the Code Enforcement Office and the Friendship Fire Co. (29 Delaware Street, next to City Hall. Fire Official Joe Buono - 856-845-0066
  • You can schedule inspections through the Code Enforcement Office.

Application for Mercantile License

Always required - $40 fee:

  • The Application for Mercantile License is available at City Hall from the City Clerk's office, Cassidy Swanson, 856-845-1300, ext. 146
  • Other permits must be granted first and finalized prior to obtaining a Mercantile License.

New Signs

Woodbury Historic District

If the business is located in the Historic District, you will need to follow their procedures for any exterior changes to the property, including signage.

New Food Establishments Will Also Need

  • Gloucester County Board of Health Approval - You must submit a set of plans for review and approval. The County will make a final inspection once the work is completed and issue a final approval certificate. Call 856-262-4100.
  • Woodbury Application for Food License - $25 fee - This is for any type of food establishment or business that sells food or packaged food items. Once you have been approved by the Gloucester County Board of Health, and all other permits have been finalized, submit the Gloucester County Inspection Report to City Hall for a Food License. Fran Nigro - 856-845-1300, ext. 200