Zoning for Business

Zoning approval is required before you can obtain construction permits or open a new business.

Zoning Verification

View Application Number 1 - Zoning Verification (PDF). This application is required for any proposed new business.

There are several zoning districts in the City of Woodbury that allow certain commercial operations.

This is a prior approval and the application must be completed for:

  • Proposed new business
  • A local business re-location
  • Use of a property expansion

Zoning Permit

View Application Number 2 - Zoning Permit (PDF). This application is required for any construction, including new signage, that will take place for the proposed new business.

Note: Pertains to all Use Groups

This application is a prior approval and is required to be submitted along with the construction permit packet (the construction permit packet must be obtained from the Joint Code Enforcement Office, City of Woodbury, 33 Delaware Street, entrance rear courtyard). The zoning application shall be completed in full and submitted along with the required information listed on the cover sheet. You must obtain zoning approval and final approval on the construction permit packet before the erection, construction, reconstruction, or installation of any type of structure/building, or accessory buildings.

A few examples:

  • New structures/buildings
  • Expansion of any existing structures/buildings (additions)
  • Accessory buildings (garages, pole barns, decks, pools, sheds, etc.)
  • Signage
  • Fencing
  • Retaining walls
  • Miscellaneous