Before Opening Your Business

Things You Should Know

Thank you for considering opening your business in the City of Woodbury. We welcome your inquiries and are eager to assist you in that process.

The City of Woodbury is very committed to the process of Economic Development and has established an office specifically for that purpose. Our Economic Development Director is in place to assist in navigating the process and provide guidance to individuals and companies looking to establish, relocate, or expand their businesses within the City.

The Economic Development office maintains an inventory of available commercial properties as potential development sites within the City. We are charged to act as a liaison with various local, State, and Federal agencies, coordinating projects with agencies as deemed necessary and appropriate.

We also work with various economic development groups, civic groups, and business organizations within the City to gather information and coordinate projects for our citizens.

You can contact Cassidy Swanson, Acting City Clerk, for more information and assistance at 856-845-1300, ext. 146, or email Cassidy Swanson.

The City of Woodbury Guidelines for New Business is a description of the procedures and PDF downloadable applications, that a new business may need as part of their approval process.

Helpful Resources