City Redevelopment Plan

City Redevelopment Planning

Review the Redevelopment Plan Document:

If you wish to look at a copy of the Redevelopment Plan, two copies will be available for review only. One at Woodbury City Hall (33 Delaware Street, Woodbury) and one at the Woodbury Public Library (behind City Hall, 33 Delaware Street, Woodbury). Please note that the Library Staff are unable to provide a copy of the plan for you to take home and are unable to answer questions about the plan. Such questions should be directed to the City Clerk's office at 856-845-1300.

Redevelopment Study & Plan for the Broad Street Corridor

The City of Woodbury is currently in the third phase of Redevelopment of the Broad Street Corridor - implementing the Redevelopment Plan. The first phase, the Redevelopment Study, was completed and adopted by City Council in May 2009. The purpose of the first phase was to assess the Study Area, the parcels along and adjacent to Broad Street, to determine if it was in need of Redevelopment.

The second phase is the Redevelopment Plan. After a nine-month planning process that included three public workshops and numerous stakeholder meetings, the Consultant Team has completed the Woodbury Redevelopment Plan and Form-Based Code.

The third phase is implementing the Redevelopment Plan. The City may choose to implement parts of the plan themselves and/or appoint a redeveloper to implement specific projects.

Why Redevelopment

Many long-time residents of Woodbury recall the movie houses and stores that once lined Broad Street, creating an active, vibrant commercial corridor. Broad Street's businesses not only attract visitors but also served the needs of the surrounding community. Since that time, competition with retail centers and residential communities that offer modern amenities in a safe and predictable configuration has contributed to a struggling "Main Street" in Woodbury. Even though the most recent global building boom focused on building new compact, walkable communities and town centers, much of this investment skipped over existing small cities and towns. Through this economic downturn, however, the trend towards downtown living and shopping continues as a national focus is placed on downsizing and reducing energy demands.

Developing new buildings or redeveloping older structures in an existing community presents challenges and risks different from those in new communities or on rural lands. Potential developers, business owners, and residents must be able to accommodate their own needs as well as modern zoning and building code requirements while respecting the form of the community. Redevelopment enables communities to retain greater control in implementing their plans. It provides communities with an enhanced ability to negotiate with developers and provide economic incentives for projects that fulfill the community vision.


In our fast-paced, modern lifestyles where people have multiple options as to where they can live, work, and shop, convenience, and accessibility are considered essential for a successful Main Street. Parking, pedestrian, and vehicular circulation must be designed in a predictable, logical manner, providing multiple routes in a highly interconnected network. At the same time, density and a flexible mix of uses are vital for creating the critical mass to ensure that Broad Street is vibrant, walkable, safe, and sustainable. The Broad Street Business District Redevelopment Plan is a bold, yet attainable vision to achieve revitalization. It will require strong leadership, support, and commitment from the City, its elected officials, and the entire Woodbury community to realize this vision.

For more information, please contact Cassidy Swanson, Acting City Clerk, for more information and assistance at 856-845-1300, ext. 146, or via email at Cassidy Swanson.