Woodbury Old-City Restoration Committee (WORC)

Woodbury Old-City Restoration CommitteeEnsuring our future by preserving the past. Please visit the Woodbury Old-City Restoration Committee (WORC) website for current project information.

Mission Statement

To protect existing historical structures within the City of Woodbury by actively restoring endangered landmarks and structures. To inspire community pride in Woodbury by acknowledging homes and businesses that show excellence in restoration and beautification. To support programs that address Woodbury's challenges and eradicate problems that erode our quality of life. By doing so, WORC strives to keep Woodbury's rich historical culture intact and allows the City of Woodbury to promote itself as an ideal location for families to settle and businesses to thrive.

History of the Woodbury Olde-City Restoration Committee

In 1977, Woodbury attorney, John Holston, Jr., organized a group of spirited Woodbury citizens with the goals of preserving and promoting historic Woodbury, New Jersey. Settled over 300 hundred years ago by an English Quaker family named Wood, the city of Woodbury is endowed with a lengthy and colorful history. Woodbury Olde-City Restoration Committee, often known locally as "WORC", set its sights on preserving the historic character and the historic structures of the city.