Minutes of the First Woodbury Council Meeting

April 7, 1854

Pursuant to an act entitled an act to incorporate the Borough of Woodbury approved March the tenth, 1854 by the legislature of the State of New Jersey, the Mayor and Councilman, elected under and in accordance with said act, having been duly sworn and installed in office held their first meeting in the court house at Woodbury on the fifth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and fifty-four. The persons present at this meeting were James L. Gibbs, Mayor, David Griscom, Benjamin Schroyer, William C. Cooper, Benjamin F. Carter, Benjamin Lord and Thomas D. Clark, Councilmen and John

Starr, Clerk.

The first business that came before the meeting was on motion of Mr. Carter to affix the amount of the bond to be given by the marshal, and after some discussion it was agreed that he should give security in the sum of five hundred dollars.

On motion of Mr. Lord it was carried that the amount of the collectors bond should be two thousand dollars.

On motion of Mr. Cooper it was carried that the amount of the treasurer's bond should be four thousand dollars.

A committee of three was then appointed, consisting of Mr. Cooper, Mr. Griscom and Mr. Lord to form a code of by-laws.

A committee of three consisting of Mr. Clark, Mr. Carter and Mr. Schroyer was appointed to draft a set of ordinances.

Mr. Cooper and Mr. Carter were appointed a committee for the purpose of employing an engineer to grade the main street between the bridge across Woodbury Creek and the junction of the Mullica Hill and Swedesborough Roads.

On motion, Mr. Clark was appointed a committee to procure a map of town lots lying on Cooper Street.

On motion of Mr. Griscom, Mr. Cooper was appointed to acquaint the treasurer of the amount of security that would be required of him, and Mr. Carter to inform the collector and marshal of the amount to their several bonds.

On motion of Mr. Carter the clerk was authorized to purchase a book suitable for recording the minutes of this body.

The meeting then adjourned to meet in the grand jury room of the court house at Woodbury on Thursday the 13th of April 1854.

Attest: John Starr, Borough Clerk