Requests for Qualifications


In accordance with Chapter 182 of the Code of the City of Woodbury, applications are being accepted from qualified towing operators for inclusion in the Towing Rotation List for the 3-year term January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2026. The application includes towing for the City of Woodbury and the Borough of Woodbury Heights, in accordance with the Shared Services Agreement.

Applications submission deadline is 10:00 am, December 14, 2023. You can download an application here.

Applications can be obtained on the City’s website, or by contacting the City Clerk, Cassidy Swanson at 33 Delaware St, Woodbury, NJ or via phone, 845-1300 ext. 146 or via email,

This Notice is published in accordance with Chapter 182 of the Code of the City of Woodbury.

Cassidy L. Swanson

City Clerk





Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals for professional services in accordance with N.J.S.A. 19:44A-24, et seq., and P.L. 2005 c.271, will be received by the Qualified Purchasing Agent of the City of Woodbury on Thursday, December 14, 2023 no later than 10:00 am, at which time the sealed proposals will be opened and recorded at the City Hall, 33 Delaware Street, Woodbury, New Jersey, by the Qualified Purchasing Agent and witnessed and recorded by the City Clerk.

Proposals for the following professional services will be accepted for the calendar year 2024:

Bond Counsel

City Actuary

City Auditor

City Solicitor                        

Computer Consultant

Computer Consultant Police Department

Economic Development Consultant

Employee Assistance Program

Engineer – General

Environmental Consultant

Financial Advisor

Grant Consultant

Labor Counsel

Licensed Fireworks Pyrotechnician

Planning Board Engineer

Planning Board Planner

Planning Board Solicitor

Special Counsel

Special OPRA Counsel

Redevelopment Counsel

Redevelopment Planner

Risk Management Consultant & Insurance Broker

Water Control Specialist Services

Each sealed proposal to be considered shall be returned with one (1) original and two (2) copies of the submission and shall provide hourly rates, and/or other terms and conditions, and qualifications. Each sealed proposal shall also include (1) flash drive of the electronic copy of the submission. The sealed proposal shall comport to the criteria set forth in the specification packets, and as found in the Code of the City of Woodbury.  The specification packets may be obtained online at or in the Office of the City Clerk, 33 Delaware St, Woodbury, (856) 845-1300 ext. 146 or via email at  The Municipal Appointing Authority shall thereafter publicly select the professional or business entity for the position so advertised, which shall thereafter be confirmed or approved as required by law, Resolution or Ordinance.      

Cassidy Swanson

City Clerk