The City of Woodbury established this historic district in 1977 to better preserve the unique character of our community. In addition to preserving our rich cultural and architectural heritage for future generations, the maintenance and rehabilitation of buildings in historic districts have positive effects on the community including the stabilization of neighborhoods, retention of or increased property values, and the creation of civic pride.

In order to attain these goals and preserve the historic character of Woodbury, all proposed exterior changes and alterations to a property located within the historic district must first be reviewed by the City’s Historic Preservation Commission and approved by the City Planning Board. This includes all alterations visible from a public street, sidewalk, or alley.

Owners proposing work to the exterior of their property within the Historic District must complete and submit an Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness to the City’s Construction and Zoning Office. The City encourages people planning work within the historic district to contact the Historic Preservation Commission early in the planning process to discuss and assist with their project.

  • Class A – Person who is knowledgeable in building and design and construction or architectural history is assigned a four-year term.
  • Class B – Person who is knowledgeable in or with a demonstrated interest in local history is assigned a four-year term.
  • Class C – Person who is a citizen of Woodbury is assigned a two-year term.
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