Once you submit the form we…
*  Immediately send someone to the property to observe the issue firsthand
*  Determine who is the property owner/responsible party and complete a report.
This could be an individual, limited liability company (LLC), Bank, etc.
*  Issue warning letter/s to responsible party or parties. 
If the property is in a commercial zone, letter/s must be sent certified mail.
*  There is a 10-day period in which the responsible party 
has the opportunity to rectify the situation. (i.e. mow lawn, remove rubbish, etc.)
*  If situation remains unchanged after the 10-day time period has elapsed, a violation is  issued with a mandatory court appearance via certified mail or personally if possible. 
*  The property is then forwarded to Woodbury Public Works in order to be cut and/or cleaned and a lien is placed onto the property.
Any future complaints on the property starts the 
process over again.
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