A Message From the Woodbury Human Rights Commission

Right now we are dealing with the pain and anger from the tragic and avoidable death of George Floyd and other traumatic incidents affecting people of color.

Because we are aware that this is not an isolated incident, we would like to reintroduce the community to the Human Rights Commission. The Commission was created in 2017 to further the health, safety and welfare of all the residents in the City of Woodbury. Our purpose is to work towards the goal of eliminating discrimination and further the education of the public on issues of diversity and inclusion.

For more information on the Commission including meeting dates and helpful links, please visit http://woodbury.nj.us/city-departments/woodburys-human-rights-commission

If you feel that you have been discriminated against or have a related issue you would like to discuss as a resident of Woodbury, please contact any of the members by calling city hall at 856 845 1300 or email Daneen Fuss, Municipal Liaison at [email protected]


The members of the Human Rights Commission:
Jamilah Damiani, President; Donna Miller; Scott Merkle; Joseph Coldren; Crystal Moore; Danielle Roberts; and Mayor Jessica Floyd.

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