Credit: Ishien Chung

Rotary Park (East Barber Ave). Credit: Ishien Chung

Parks and Features

GATHER – Located at 115 South Broad Street. GATHER is a Unique Event Venue meets Community Center. The building itself is a marvel: sleek & open fabricated architecture provides the structure for an elegant, spacious interior room. Floor-to-ceiling windows encase the front façade of this elegant structure, offering open views of the front courtyard and the sculptural back garden. GATHER is ideally suited for events of all kinds…Private Parties, Public Programs, Classes, Business Meetings & Fundraisers—outdoor and indoor fun. Click here for more information.

Wing-Dickerson Park – Located on Allens Lane near Carpenter Street, Wing-Dickerson Park is next to the Woodbury Child Development Center. There are tennis courts and a playground, as well as basketball courts.

Bell Lake Park – Located at South Girard St. and Myrtle Ave. – This park provides a nice setting for passive recreation such as fishing, picnicking, reading, sunbathing or simply relaxing. This park is also an ideal setting for outdoor weddings or photographs after a wedding as the park offers a lake with a fountain and footbridges. In 2015, Bell Lake Park became the home of Woodbury’s most recent outdoor sculpture, presented by The FAF Coalition.

Woodbury Creek Park – Located at the foot of Wood St. This park is ideal for outdoor activities, such as canoeing, fishing, and hiking along the Woodbury Creek. This park also has a footbridge that connects it to Cap Paine Park.

Frances Avenue Fields – Located at Frances Ave. This park is home to the Woodbury Little League and the Woodbury High School Varsity Baseball and Softball Teams. This park features the following amenities: 3 baseball fields, 2 softball fields, and 1 t-ball field, as well as a picnic pavilion, and a tot lot for children aged 2-5 years.

Broad St. LakeThis park is adjacent to the former Woodbury Police Station on N. Broad St. It is ideal for fishing and is a favorite location for remote-control boat enthusiasts.

Green St. Playground – Located at Green St. and Dare St. This park offers a small playground for children aged 2-5 years.

Evergreen Ave. Lake – Located at North Evergreen behind Evergreen Square Shopping Center. This park is part of the Woodbury Lake System and offers an ideal setting for fishing.

David A. Laverty Sr. Sports Complex – Stewart ParkLocated on East Red Bank Ave. adjacent to the YMCA. This park offers a baseball field that is home to the Woodbury High School Junior Varsity Baseball team and a football field home to the Woodbury Steelers youth football league. There is also a boat ramp that provides access to Cooper St. Lake, Evergreen Ave. Lake, Hunter St. Lake, and Broad St. Lake. Renovated is 2005-2006, this park provides a playground, baseball field, combination football/soccer field, skateboarding area, nature trail, and boat ramp, as well as a picnic area. You can also find the Woodbury Community Garden tucked behind the football field, with picnic tables, benches, and a lakeview walking path.

Cooper St. Lake – Stewart ParkLocated on Cooper St. at the City line. This park provides fishing and is an ideal location for scenic walks along the lake as well as observing wildlife.

Hendrickson Park – Located at S. Evergreen Ave. and Cooper St. – This park is home to the City’s WWII memorial and the Police memorial. This park also features a small arboretum.

Rotary Park – Located on East Barber Ave.

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