This is an interactive map of Woodbury’s trash route, powered by Google Maps. Zoom in to find your street. Click color blocks to learn what days trash pickup is scheduled for that area.

Yellow = Tuesday     Green = Wednesday     Red = Thursday      Purple = Friday

  • Bulk trash collection will be the first full week and third week of each month. Bulk weeks are highlighted in yellow on the 2022 Trash Schedule. In addition to regular trash (3 – 45 gallon trash cans and two City provided recycle cans), Residents can place 5 additional secured bags not to exceed 50 lbs each and two bulk items, ex. mattress, chair, couch, table, etc.
  • Trash and recycling containers should be metal or plastic, watertight, have handles, not exceed 32 gallons and weigh no more than 50 pounds when filled.
  • Plastic trash bags may be used in place of containers, but must not be overloaded or ruptured. Metal drums not originally designed to contain trash are NOT acceptable.
  • Five-gallon buckets are not considered a proper container for trash and/or recycles. If you place your recycles or trash in a five-gallon bucket, it will be collected as a recycled item as they are recyclable. It is not considered a reusable container. Please use a reusable container to ensure proper pick-up.
  • Any trash or construction debris generated by a contractor is the responsibility of the contractor and the homeowner. The City will not remove this waste, even if it is placed curbside. Residents should insist that the contractor use a dumpster and private hauler for construction debris.
  • All trash must be placed at the curb before 7:00 AM on trash day, but not before 5:00 PM on the day prior to collection. After collection, empty containers shall be removed from curbside promptly, no later than 7:00 PM.

Woodbury Recycles

Yard waste is defined as such; leaves, weeds, grass clippings (should be placed in an open container or an open bag), and tree branches, cut into 4′ lengths and bundled.

Your continuing cooperation is essential in order that we provide you better service. Please show your support by the proper placement, packaging, and separation of your waste products. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please call our office at 856-853-0892 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Collection Routes

All trash pickups throughout the City take place on the following days:

  • Monday: The City will collect yard debris, to include grass clippings and tree branches only.
  • Tuesday: From Hunter Street to Glassboro Road; the 1st block of Delaware Street; and Newton Avenue and Euclid Street.
  • Wednesday: Everyone north of Red Bank Avenue.
  • Thursday: All streets south of Delaware/Cooper Streets, between railroad tracks & Jackson Street.
  • Friday: All streets west of Jackson Street, including both sides of Jackson Street.

On your designated day you may place the following materials at the curb for collection by our crews:

  • Trash
  • Glass, bottles, cans, plastics, paper, cardboard – (Recycles may be commingled)
  • Appliances

On the designated bulk trash week you may

  • Mattresses, box springs, and upholstered furniture (couches, fabric chairs, etc) must be WRAPPED and sealed in plastic prior to being placed at the curb for your trash pickup


Contact the Public Works department for Recycle bins at 856-853-0892



Recycling Information


  • What Does it Include
  • How To Prepare

Yard Waste

  • What Does it Include – Leaves, weeds, grass clippings & tree branches
  • How To Prepare – Place in an open container or an open bag, tree branches are to be cut into 4′ lengths and bundled


  • What Does it Include – Newspaper, magazines, books, wrapping paper, paper bags, letters & envelopes
  • How To Prepare – Place in reusable containers or paper bags or tie in bundles


  • What Does it Include – All cardboard boxes and uncontaminated food cartons
  • How To Prepare – Boxes must be flattened and bundled

Electronic Waste

  • What Does it Include – (E-Waste)Televisions, Computers, Cell phones, etc… (see last page below for more details).
  • How To Prepare – Separate at the curb, and notify our office for pick up

Glass bottles / jars*

  • What Does it Include – All glass food & beverage containers NOT containing food.
  • How To Prepare – Place in reusable containers
  • What Does it Include – Aluminum cans, scrap, and clean aluminum products (No “TV” or frozen food trays). Must NOT contain food.
  • How To Prepare – Place in reusable containers

Cans / metal*

  • What Does it Include – Metal food & beverage containers, small metal scraps
  • How To Prepare – Place in reusable containers


  • What Does it Include – Beverage / Water containers
  • How To Prepare – Place in reusable containers

Appliances / large metal items

  • What Does it Include – Washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, and other large metal items (No fuel oil or gas tanks)
  • How To Prepare – Call our office for pick up (remove doors from refrigerators/freezers)

Oil Used motor oil only

  • Take it to Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, or John’s Mobil


  • What Does it Include – rubber tires must be removed from rim.
  • How To Prepare – Notify our office when you put them out


  • What Does it Include – Bricks, concrete, cinder blocks, wood, metal, or wood post (must be free of concrete)
  • How To Prepare – Separate at the curb, and notify our office for pick up. All materials must be placed at the curb after 4:00 p.m. the evening before or prior to 7:00 am the day of collection.

Download the Recycling Packet here.

Commonly Asked Questions About Recycling

Q: Are TVs recyclable?
A: YES…please put out with regular trash but keep separate from regular trash.

Q: Does the City of Woodbury E-Cycle?
A: Yes, see the E-Cycling page for detailed items.

Q: Must I call for appliance or heavy metal pick up?
A: No

Q: Must I call for vegetation or wood pick up?
A: No

Q: Should I remove metal rings from bottles?
A: No

Q: What do I do with Special Household Waste (paint, oil, fluorescent tubes, etc.)?
A: Must be retained for disposal at the Gloucester County Household Special Waste Collection Days. (For information on dates & location, please call 856-478-6045×14)

Q: What do I do with construction or demolition debris?
A: Small amounts will be collected if a homeowner is doing his own work. Any debris generated as a result of a project involving a contractor must be disposed of at the contractor’s or owners expense. The City of Woodbury’s ordinance states the same. This debris will not be picked up by the city.

Q: Are tires recyclable?
A: Yes, they must be off the rim. We will pick one up per trash day.

Q: What is the maximum weight allowed for a trash / recycling container at the curb?

Q: What is a reusable container?
A: A metal or plastic container with handles. Oil drums are not allowed. (Items in containers which are broken, damaged, or has missing handles will not be collected. Containers such as these can cause severe injuries to the men handling them.) No five (5) gallon buckets should be used as they are considered a recycle item and will be picked up as such.

Q: How are leaves collected during leave season?
A: Leaves are to be raked to the park-strip (area between curb & sidewalk) for collection by the leaf machines. Signs will be posted on each street, approximately one week in advance of machine collections between mid-October and late December. LEAVES ALONG THE GUTTERLINE IN THE STREET WILL

Q: Does recycling really work?
A: Yes, at present we divert over 50% of our solid waste to recycling facilities.

Q: Does the City really issue tickets to TRASH, RECYCLING AND YARD DEBRIS violators?
A: YES. The City of Woodbury is cracking down on violators of Woodbury’s trash and recycling ordinance and can be subject to a fine of up to $1,000.00 per violation. The owner and/or
occupant shall be individually or jointly held responsible for compliance with all provisions.

Items approved for collection: 
15-, 17-, 19-, 21-inch monitors, flat screens and all in ones towers, desktops and laptops, uninterrupted power supply, keyboards and speakers, all types of wire, gold clip ends, all types of memory, printers, fax machines, scanner, modems, copy machines, any hard drives, fans and power supplies, mother, b, c, tweener and finger boards, ac adaptors, yokes, and motors, plastic, aluminum, brass, light iron, and copper metals, bailed or loose, any and all related computer parts, phones, cell phones, cell phone and laptop batteries, car batteries, rechargeable type batteries, PC scrap, and stereos (no wood), VCR, DVD, CD players boomboxes, audio and visual equipment, scanners and pagers, cash registers and, scales (electronic or mechanical)

The City of Woodbury provides E-Waste Recycling

Effective January 1, 2011, The City of

Woodbury is expanding its curbside recycling program by including electronic waste recycling. The program is designed to remove computers and electronic components from the household waste stream.

The collection of e-waste will be similar to the metal collection program where Woodbury residents are asked to place the “E-Waste” items curbside and to keep them separated from your regular trash. Residents are asked to contact the Public Works office (856-853-0892) to be placed on the collection list. Once on the list, Public Works employees will collect your items curbside. All items will be taken to a NJDEP approved recycling facility for processing.

Please check the below websites for more helpful and valuable information:

  • Recycling NJ provides practical and straight-forward advice for how New Jersey citizens can reduce the amount of waste their households produce, with simple tips for waste reduction or reuse that do not require dramatic changes in lifestyle. It also gives suggestions for alternative ways for reusing some of the items residents might otherwise discard. Additionally, it provides information about additional recycling options that are not available through your local authority, but have been created by private businesses and charity groups, for the collection or redistribution of specific waste items, often at little
    or no expense to your constituents.
  • Earth 911 is a privately owned, for-profit company that specializes in providing consumers with accessible and actionable recycling information across the country. Its Recycling Directory is very comprehensive. It contains information for recycling over 240 different products. The Directory is free for consumers to use on the website, through the toll-free and bilingual hotline (1-800 CLEANUP) and with the free iPhone application (iRecycle). lists over 127,000 locations and programs that people can search in the directory to find local recycling and disposal resources. The information  provided through the site’s directory, editorials and resources represents only fact-based, informational and useful content.

Please call the Public Works Department at 856-853-0892 should you have any questions.

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*All items marked with (*) may be intermingled in one container.

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