The Public Works Department is responsible for providing the following City services: trash and recycling collection, leaf collection, yard debris (grass, weeds, brush and tree parts) and removal of snow from City streets. The Department also maintains and schedules the Senior Citizen Shuttle Bus. For questions or more information, contact them at 856.853.0892. Department Hours:  7 am – 3 pm; Summer Hours 6 am – 2 pm from June 1st to September 30th.


Branches/Log Collection

2022 Trash Schedule

Branches should be cut to 4″ length and bundle with rope/twine. Logs should be cut in lengths of no more than 2′ and stacked between curb and sidewalk.

Yard Debris Collection – Yard Debris scheduled collection is on Mondays every week unless it is a Holiday. In the event of Monday Holiday please refer to Holiday trash schedule. Residents can place their leaves, grass, clippings, sticks, twigs and garden clippings in a container no larger than 30 gallons which must not exceed 50 lbs in weight. Dirt, rocks, sod and dog waste will not be accepted in yard waste containers. Do not co-mingle yard waste with trash. All yard debris accumulated from contracted services must be removed by the company performing the service.









Trash Collection – Residential/household trash reg scheduled collection is Tues thru Friday please refer to Holiday schedule when a holiday falls during the week. Trash must be placed out in a container or secured in a bag and placed at a convenient place between curb and sidewalk. Recycling will also be collected on your regularly scheduled day. All trash must be placed out after 5:00 pm the night before and before 6:00 am on your scheduled day.

Items NOT ALLOWED in Trash Collection: concrete, dirt, bricks, batteries, rail road, ties, rocks, tires, logs, stumps, etc. will not be collected with house hold trash. Contractor/ construction debris and scrap building materials must be removed by the company performing the work. If minor repair work is performed by the resident, small amounts of materials will be collected provided it meets general guidelines regarding length, weight, etc. Materials should be cut to 4′ lengths, tied and bundled.

Electronics – For collection of electronic, TV, shredders, microwaves, printers, etc., please place out on your regular scheduled day and contact Public Works at the 856-853-0892.

Propane Tanks – Do not place propane tanks in trash.

Place out for collection on regular scheduled day and contact public works for pick up at 856-853-0892

Trash & Recycling

Holiday Trash Removal

Hazardous Waste Removal

Battery Disposal

Vape Battery Safety

Snow & Ice Removal

Water & Sewer

Lead and Copper Service Line inventory Report

Information on Storm water

Woodbury Outfall Map

Watershed Based Municipal Stormwater Management Plan

Woodbury Storm water Pollution Prevention Plan

Storm Water Information

Illicit Connection – § 156

Littering – § 162-3 Scattering waste matter prohibited

Pet Waste – § 211-2 Removal of feces

Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting – § 156-43 – § 156-48

Storm Sewer System Prohibited Disposal of Materials – §  156-30 – § 156-36

Wildlife Feeding – § 136-1 Prohibited activities

Yard Waste – Ordinance #1991-05

Stormwater Control – § 165

Woodbury Shuttle Bus 

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