The Woodbury Code Enforcement Office
33 Delaware St., entrance rear courtyard
Woodbury, NJ 08096

Phone 856.845.1300, ext 127
Fax 856.845.1309


January 4, 2016 – Please be advised that as of January 4, 2016, all construction permits for the City of Woodbury will be processed at the West Deptford Construction Office (400 Crown Point Rd; intersection of Crown Point Rd & Grove Ave). Contact: 856-845-4004 ext 121

Housing CO applicants, zoning applications, side walk permits, fence permits, planning board submissions, and historic preservation committee applications will continue to be processed at the Woodbury Office of Code Enforcement, Monday-Friday, 8:30a – 4:30 p (33 Delaware St). Contact: 856-845-1300 ext 127


Office Hours

 8:30 am to 4:30 pm – Monday through Friday

The Woodbury Code Enforcement Office consists of the following departments:

The Construction Department is responsible to enforce the Building Codes adopted by the Department of Community Affairs of the State of New Jersey.

Whenever construction is planned, you should obtain a permit packet from the Construction Office in advance so that you may obtain the proper information for what is required to be submitted and the procedure to follow. This way you may plan your construction schedule accordingly.

Usually applications submitted for minor work such as roofing, siding, electric service, water & sewer replacement connections (structure to curb), water heaters, etc., are issued right away. If the Principal Tech Asst. is not in the office at the time of drop off, the issuing of minor permits will be a few days and you will be notified when ready.

The State allows 20 business days to process all permit applications. As a courtesy we try to issue minor permit applications immediately. Applications that are not minor may also require prior approvals. These applicants must allow adequate time to obtain all the necessary prior approvals and for the paperwork and the review processes.

There may be prior approvals required depending on the type of work. you will be undertaking. Prior approvals are required to be completed before the construction permit processing begins. Here are some examples where prior approval may be required:

Local: Zoning, Combined Planning/Zoning Board, Historical Preservation Commission, water & sewer requirement

County: Soil Conservation, Planning Board, Board of Health, M.U.A., DEP

State : DEP, DOT, Wetlands

To obtain the State of New Jersey UCC permit forms you may:

  • Pick up at Woodbury City Hall – rear door entrance
  • Request by mail
  • Download from State of New Jersey website
    NOTE: This web site will only give you the UCC permit applications. You must pick up the Woodbury information packet at the Code Office.

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